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Do you want to see what a print will look like on your wall before the purchase? We can do that! All you have to do is pull your phone out, snap a picture of the wall and email us at scott@papekphotography.com.

Scott Papek Nature Photography

Scott Papek is a self-taught Fine Art Nature and Landscape Photographer who was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Although his previous life in the music business first prompted the flow of his creative juices and took him to California, Scott eventually recognized his calling to an alternative outlet that permitted him to share his creativity through a camera lens.

Scott began a disciplined self-education in La Jolla, California, where he would rise early each morning, grab his camera, and head to capture the natural beauty of the coastal area into frequent inspiring reproductions. Occasional setbacks only seemed to motivate Scott. Scott has been living a life of adventure, freedom, and fulfillment where he has made it his mission to mentor others to do the same.

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