My Companies

Papek Photography

Scott’s award-winning landscape and ocean photography prints for sale.

The Hops Artist

Specializing in Craft Beer and Hop Farm photography, video, storytelling, and branding.


Sound design and voiceovers for radio, tv, podcasts, and video.


Entrepreneurial coaching, branding, visual storytelling, building and nurturing long-term client relationships.

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Personal Branding Strategy: Ancient Power of Brand Archetypes

Have you ever felt that the people you are marketing to don’t “get you” or understand you? Or, maybe you know you’re not communicating the “right” message to your target […]

Branding methods for your company

For your business to be successful you’ve to be able to resonate with your consumer base. Developing relationships with your clients is 1 of the smartest moves that you could […]

Your Personal Branding Strategy

A personal brand is all about getting noticed, or standing out in the crowd by displaying unique talents and attributes. Countless books and discourses given on personal branding strategy emphasize […]

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